About me

I’ve always felt like I’m different to most people around me. I usually tend to live in a bubble of pure imagination, conjuring up the next idea for a story or a play. Most people tend to not be able to get to sleep because they are up late on Facebook or worrying about an important meeting, whereas I am up late imagining all the different stories I want to create and my eagerness to write the whole thing that night is usually bursting out of me.

There are many days where writing can feel quite lonely, a lot of family members and friends aren’t interested in reading or simply don’t have the time to read my work due to busy schedules leaving me to be my only critic now that I’m finished at University. There’s no better feeling than writing something that you’re proud of and being able to share it with people and that’s exactly what bought me here.

I’m a 23-year-old Drama and Creative Writing graduate whose impatience to share my mind with the world is indescribable, from the edges of crippling depression to pure euphoria I attempt to push the boundaries of emotive writing and produce pieces of work that hopefully even some could appreciate and sympathise with. I am fully supportive of the creative community but sometimes I find that there aren’t a lot of female writers my age who have similar thoughts and experiences to me, so by me sharing my work with everyone I hope to find some writers who find themselves in a similar position to me also whose work I’d especially love to read!