So you see that girl there yeah? She’s pretty beautiful isn’t she? The way her soft brown hair falls perfectly, shaping her face like a frame around a masterpiece. The way she bites her bottom lip when she’s listening intently to my stories, her jade coloured eyes staring into my soul as if she can hear every thought that I’m having. I never thought I’d meet her, meet the one so quickly. I don’t understand how fate has bought together two distinctly opposing people but nonetheless matched them so well? Who knew this girl would open up to me so quickly and tell me her deepest darkest secrets and trust me with them? Who knew that she’s a fucking fool? I’m going to make sure I destroy this girl’s life, watch every last glimpse of happiness that she had left dissipate off that nauseatingly perfect face. I see the sadness in her eyes, knowing that her baroness means she can’t even ascertain the most simplistic of functions which is what all humans have been put on this earth for. Nothing brings me more pleasure knowing that her desires will never be met, and that all she wants is to meet a guy that would sweep her off her feet and love her unconditionally, to buy a house with him, to marry him, to have lots of babies with him. It’s pathetic and I have no pity for her whatsoever, not one miniscule amount. Girls like her make my skin crawl they’re weak and emotional and I can smell it in the air when they pass me. You’re probably wondering why I have so much hatred built up inside of me for her, well that’s for you to see later but first I’ll watch you all squirm in your seats whilst I woo her with my charm.


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