Destination Unknown

Shall I say I have gone at dusk through narrow streets never a detailed destination in mind, but my destination, a destination unknown to people I know. I think about this destination a lot, dream of it but never fear it as it grows ever more desirable. No anxiety no fear but excitement, my heart beats hastily the more narrow streets that I walk. Life is so predictable, always having lived my life day by day but I want to change that become excited again be reborn. My destination is unpredictable, it seduces me like my first lover uninterrupted whispers in my ears as it brings me closer teasing me enticing me with its wet soft warm tongue, a language only understood between us. I continue to walk through narrow streets to find this place becoming ever more insistent, my feet begin to blister but it brings me no discomfort, in fact I welcome the pain because in my heart I know that I am getting closer and closer and closer. Feeling its breath on my throat become hotter my fingers and toes grow colder, I know that I’m nearly there. All sadness that I carried mightily on my shoulders dissipating with every further step, old faces growing familiar welcoming me with glowing smiles and open arms waiting to embrace me once again. The narrow streets grow darker, the ground beneath my feet cutting into my soles cutting me like the expletives that escaped the mouths of voices unwelcome. Then nothingness. I have reached the end of the narrow street to meet my final destination, time feels like it has stood still, the wind no longer howls, the birds no longer whistle. Nothing.


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